Disability Access Statement

1. Introduction
This Statement describes the facilities and procedure employed at the Lion Hotel.
The text used in this statement is 14 pt.

2. Accessibility to Main Building
The main building includes the lounge, bars and restaurant and first, second, and third floor accommodation. There is no accommodation on the ground floor. We have a large car park surfaced with tarmac within 19 meters of the hotel back door accessed by a full flight of concrete steps ( 13 steps in total) which have a hand rail to one side. The back door is 840mm wide. The car park can be accessed on a flat surface around the side of the hotel which is a distance of 57 meters from the front door. The main front door has a sill of 60mm and is 780mm wide.

3. Accessibility within Main Building
There are no steps within the ground floor area except for access to the restaurant & entertainment area. Here there are two shallow steps with a handrail to one side. There is also a removable ramp available for wheelchair users. From the lounge area access to the main bar is easiest for wheelchair users through the cocktail bar where the doorway leading from the lounge is 800mm wide and the cocktail bar doorway is 740mm wide. Stairs lead off the lounge to all floors for accommodation. There is also a lift, which is accessed through the 800mm doorway to the rear of the lounge. This doorway does have a small threshold of 20mm. The lift serves the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floors only. The access door to the lift is 690mm wide and the lift has an overall depth of 1240mm. There are ladies and gents toilets situated in the bar and also by the back door with one of these by the back door being adapted for wheelchair users.
Bedrooms on the first and second floor are on various levels with steps up and down on both these floors. Handrails are fixed on one side of all steps and contrast nosing is fixed to the edge of steps on a straight run to emphasis them. Fluorescent lighting is on all corridors without natural lighting. A double room that is on a level with the lift on the first floor has been adapted for wheelchair users. This has a ramped shower tray and shower chair and hand grab rails around the toilet. The main bedroom doorway is 750mm wide. All other room doorways vary from between 700mm and 800mm.

4. Accessibility to Castle View Cottage
This is an annexe to the main hotel and contains six ground floor rooms and six first floor rooms. Four of the ground floor rooms are accessed off the car park with parking available directly outside these rooms. The remaining two ground floor rooms are in a separately entranced block with two identical rooms above accessed by one full flight of stairs. All ground floor rooms have a deep threshold of 22mm. The outer doors are 790mm wide and inner doors are 780mm wide. Four of the first floor rooms are accessed from a gantry with a full flight of steps. All first floor rooms have a threshold of 22mm. The outer doors are 790mm and the inner doors are 780mm wide.

5. Accessibility to Garden
The hotel has a beer garden situated on the south side of the main building. This is accessed via French windows from the restaurant down a flight of six slate steps. There is also an entrance from the public footpath from the adjacent road and this has been improved by the provision of a double gate and a ramped access from the gate onto the grass of the lower garden. Tables and removable chairs are laid out on the lawns.

6. Emergency Actions
All floors of both the main building and the Castle View Cottage have audible fire alarms. Emergency lighting is also fitted to all the corridors. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all guests are evacuated in the event of any emergency requiring evacuation. We do ask in our ‘Welcome’ literature that any specific needs be advised to Reception so that they are aware of them and that they can deal with them in the event of an emergency evacuation.

7. General Information
Dogs are not normally permitted in public rooms except for service dogs which are welcome.

Waiter/waitress service is always available. Large print menus are available and staff are also happy to read menus out if requested. Food can be cut up before being served if this will help. Room service of meals is also available.

Portage is available.

8. Local Attractions
Portmeirion: They have a mini-bus which is adapted for wheelchair users to shuttle visitors with walking difficulties or other disabilities from the entrance down into the gardens. There is no additional cost and wheelchair users do not pay for entrance into Portmeirion.